Welcome to the website of transformer oil testing laboratory Dielectric Fluid Solutions.

Dielectric Fluid Solutions or more commonly known as DFS is a high performance transformer oil testing laboratory.

The aim of the laboratory is to test transformer oil samples to the highest quality requirements, but to test it in the fastest time possible.

We understand that clients require their sample results as soon as possible and we aim to deliver the results to you as soon as possible.

As the transformer is a critical asset in your power network, you can’t wait weeks for your results, and require results as soon as possible to determine if any action is required.

Sample Collection Convenience:

DFS currently has contracts in place with some of the major courier companies in South Africa,  this allows us to collect the samples from your office at no cost to you.

1.  Send us an email with the quantity of samples to be collected, your address and when somebody will be present to hand samples to courier.

2. Samples will be delivered to our lab the following working day.  

3.  Sample collection by couriers are completely free to you our client. 

Transformer Oil Tests Done:

Dissolved Gas Analysis
Moisture in oil determination
Dielectric Strength Test
Furan Determination of Transformer
Acid in oil determination