DFS is a transformer insulating oil testing company. We focus on new management frameworks to ensure lower prices, faster turnaround time and high quality of service


We focus on delivering solutions to our customers. 

  1. We offer free collection via courier of your transformer oil samples
  2. Efficient and on time results.

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Different Transformer Oil Tests Performed by Our Lab
Quality Assurance

Our company utilizes the latest testing instruments in insulating oil analysis to perform the following tests on your transformer oil:

Dielectric Strength Testing / Also known as KV Test

Moisture Testing & Determination in oil

Acidity or Neutralization testing

Dissolved Gas Analysis

PCB Determination

Furanic Testing & Determination  

We can give peace of mind that when we test your samples you will have the correct results each and every time.  Our lab is ISO 9001:2015 accredited and ISO 17025:2017 compliant.  However, we continually strive to improve our quality.

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